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George Mason University

College of Health and Human Services (CHHS)

Peggy J Maddox

Professor and Co-Director of HIT, Chair, Health Administration and Policy

Janusz Wojtusiak

Assistant Professor, Director, Center for Discovery Science and Health Informatics
Research Interests: General areas of my research include health informatics, machine learning, knowledge mining, non-Darwinian evolutionary computation, and inductive databases. The most interesting part is how to combine these areas and, for example, use knowledge mining to support discovery in healthcare. Currently I am involved in several projects including development of the AQ21 rule learning system, machine learning-based meta-analysis, and the learnable evolution model (my dissertation was in this area). I am also involved in projects on building computational intelligence and machine learning virtual community, and developing learning capabilities in distributed autonomous logistic systems.

Phan Giang

Associate professor in the Department of Health Administration and Policy at George Mason University. Before joining GMU, Dr. Giang worked on R&D in the health care industry (Siemens Medical). He received his B.Sc. in Information Science from Moscow Institute of Economics and Statistics (Russia), M.Sc. in Computer Science from Australian National University (Australia) and Ph.D. in Decision Sciences from the University of Kansas.

Dr. Giang's past works focused on mining text-based patient data and the problems of statistical forecasting with applications.

Khalid Moidu

Dr. Moidu’s current research interest is in design and development of modular applications to support clinicians and integrate the application in existing health information systems. At Purdue, he guided development of an e-Prescribing application and recently an application to access and review data from a clinical information system (5R monitoring). He continues to pursue research for role of information technology to support the community in self management of chronic disease with tools of “Information Therapy” and use of personal health records. His current work includes health systems security, published recently a paper on policy approach to control data access. Currently conducting a study to evaluate a commercial security platform (c-sam) for compliance to standards described by multiple agencies for wireless health applications.

Dr. Moidu’s focus in his teaching mandate is the training students to serve as “applied health information technology professionals” to fulfill the demands of health IT organizations.  Professionals with an understanding of the variations in operations and organization  of healthcare and awareness of its implications in design, development and deployment of systems.

John Shiver

Assistant professor and coordinator of undergraduate students in the Department of Health Administration and Policy at George Mason University where he teaches in the graduate and undergraduate programs.


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